The Xbox gained increasing popularity over the years as it continues to offer gamers an alternate platform for video games of virtually every genre. For this year, the video games with massive positive reviews from the Xbox gaming community are mostly sequels of popular games. Check out the list below for the best xbox games of 2016.

  1. Call of Duty

This popular first person shooting game has returned to the gaming world with its brand new installment entitled Black Ops 3. The plot is set in an apocalyptic environment in the near future where wars frequently develop and weapons are so advanced that they are hard-wired to the brain. Because of the unique nature of the game’s environment and storyline, it will surely grab the interest and attention of players who are fans of crazy scientific advancements in the military setting that seem impossible and illogical.


  1. NBA 2k17

This basketball simulation franchise has once again returned to the virtual gaming console. The latest franchise offers the same experience like that of its predecessors. It features real basketball teams and real players depicted in the virtual gaming platform. Players are free to select their own teams and play as their favorite players in a virtual basketball tournament. Its graphics are very defined, that it makes the setting of the game very similar to that of live championship games.

  1. FIFA 2k17

Soccer fans all over the world are also rejoicing with the return of the FIFA gaming series. The latest franchise offers the same features like its predecessors,wherein they focused on virtually simulated soccer matches of different soccer teams that players are free to choose. Like the NBA 2k17, developers have paid very close attention to the graphics and details to give players the best virtual sports game experience.

  1. Dark Souls III

Anybody who loves role-playing games will surely love the gameplay experience offered by Dark Souls. The third chapter in the franchise immerses players into the fantasy-filled world, albeit a darker environment,where they will fight through familiar creatures such as dragons, giants, undead creatures, and odd-looking sea monsters to complete the quest. Gamers choose a character to play, customize weapons and armors, and fight enemies to become stronger.

  1. Gears of War 4

This game is a third person shooting game whose plot resembles post-modern apocalyptic world scenarios. It centers on humanity’s survival under threat and a person by the name of JD is on a quest to eradicate the source of the problem. Its gameplay environment is similar to Dark Souls, in the sense that the gamer is immersed in a setting that emits a creepy aura. Combined with suspense scenes that brings chills down gamer’s spines, Gears of War 4 is a great game for those who are fond of subjecting themselves to a creepy gameplay. There are still months left before the year ends and there are still a number of upcoming releases that many gamers are eagerly awaiting. Those new releases just might make it to this list if they can match the adrenaline-rushing experience that these five games can offer.